Managing Acne For A Healthy Looking Face

Having healthy, acne free skin is often a challenge. When hormones start to change or stress levels rise those pesky pimples seem to come up all over and always at the wrong time. So it is important to take time to find methods to keep your face clean and healthy to prevent breakouts.

The first thing you need to do is find a good soap that rinses clean. Most soaps leave a residue on your skin that can clog up pores and actually cause breakouts. Making sure that the soap you use rinses completely clean will keep pores open and unclogged. When washing use really warm water and a cloth that will help exfoliate your skin so that the dead skin cells are washed away as well. Once you have worked the soap over your skin, rinse very well and pat dry with a soft towel.

Next, it is good to use some sort of astringent. Some of these come in pre-soaked, medicated pads and others come in large bottles that you can use with a cotton pad or ball. Take the astringent and work it over your face and neck. These cleaners may burn a bit, but often will leave a cool, refreshing feeling on your skin. If the cotton pad comes back with signs of dirt, repeat until the pad that you are using is completely clear.

If your face already has a couple of pimples, or you have had a recent breakout, it is a good idea to get a spot treatment. These creams can be dabbed onto the pimple and help to dry them out and remove the infection. Along with that, using a weekly mask, designed for breakouts, helps with getting rid of any current breakouts.

Finally, you want to make sure you use a moisturizer that also has SPF in it. Be sure you pick one that is right for your skin type. While keeping your face clean is the best way to keep zits at bay, if you let your skin get dry, break outs can still occur. When you use a moisturizer, it will keep your face looking bright and healthy, and the SPF will protect your skin from the damage cause by UV rays from the sun.

If you keep up with cleansing your face twice a day, it will make a big difference in the amount and severity of breakouts. With diligent attention, your face will be shining and clear, giving you a greater sense of confidence.